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Absolute Love

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Absolutely love…Fantastical Crowns, Creative Juice in a bottle, Turquoise & Fuchsia together, Chakra stones, This awesome anti-bad vibe shield, Artistic maps, Messages in the sand & Shell chandeliers


Sheer Radiance


Do More of What Makes you Happy

Colour Alchemy


Farewell February, or ‘Zanzibar’, as I prefer to call you for a brighter feel!

Everything can seem a tad grey in England this time of year – weather, wardrobes and spirits – so here’s a splash of paint to help us skip towards spring.

The Dulux campaign Let’s Colour is simply brilliant. To learn more about the story behind the ad, watch this.


Beach Bliss & Spell Tumblrs

Happiness hit her…

via Oracle Fox, Happy Things & Somethings Gone Awry

Upsidedown Dreamer


There’s something about doing a handstand that is just so satisfying! Have you noticed how toddlers instinctively want their legs above their head a lot of the time? Probably because the mini teachers know it’s the best way to get blood flowing to your brain and feel re-energised.

Such vitality is very apparent in my super-duper friend who handstands around the world! From Hampstead Heath to the Taj Mahal & everywhere in-between, here’s a small sample of her upside down escapades.

Lou is now starting her next adventure in America, so sending her masses of love & light for a great first day at UNC. We’re all looking forward to seeing the next episode of acrobatics!


Go for Joy

Something Inside So Strong


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