Moments in your Pocket

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It blows my mind that so many of us carry a digital chronicle of our lives around in our pockets/purses/manbags everyday.

I’ve recently committed to doing The Artist’s Way, which has been a brilliant discipline for writing each morning, but it has also made me realise how much journalling (the good old fashioned kind) or even blogging has taken a backseat since our Camera Rolls took over as the annual memoir.

This is a snap-shot of the last 12 months or so, courtesy of Instagram.

Although awesomely heart-warming for me to scroll through, its potential flimsyness is rather crazy too. If iCloud was to disappear into cyberspace tomorrow, taking our trillion terabytes of content with it, I wouldn’t have a physical photo album from any later than 2008!

So, making a renewed vow to keep putting pen to paper, paint to canvas and photo to printer. After all, no-one would’ve bothered to read or republish Anne Frank’s ‘WordPress site’.

A diary however, stays sacred forever.



Absolute Love copy 2.tumblr_m4e6vrUAz81qiqf01o1_500 copy 3 3.tumblr_maymioqe3f1qhcd6fo1_500 4..254646_369718589776104_1200793045_n 4.80431543314584216_a8tsyyg8_c 5. Map patterns 6. Be happy feet 7.HawaiiDec1112_30

Absolutely love…Fantastical Crowns, Creative Juice in a bottle, Turquoise & Fuchsia together, Chakra stones, This awesome anti-bad vibe shield, Artistic maps, Messages in the sand & Shell chandeliers


I Love…


…Singing bowls, Wild flowers, Worldwide love, A genuine gypsy wedding, Al fresco bathing, Golden horizons, Homemade mandalas, European bridges, Lemon water, Reflexology & This lotus


La Reverie

5. Spell 7. Tuula

Cloud Nine

Tallow, Fashion Toast, Buffalo Girl, Spell, The Lane, La Vie Boston, Common Ground


Byron Bay, you have done it again – Filled up my senses with all your wonders and synchronicities.

This trip was composed of enneagrams, teaching a beautiful toddler to swim, under water massages, dolphins, Energetic NLP, healing a concussed surfer, rolling hills, Buddha walk, connecting with Lakshmi, copious cows, Yogawoman, sand pictures, watching sunrise from the lighthouse, hours on Indonesian day beds, and meeting human beings with wings…Heaven on earth!


Stone Devotion


It is no secret that I am completely & utterly obsessed with precious stones.

My pretty big collection started in Cape Cod, age 6 – Can’t wait to add lots of new beauties to it when we hit up the Crystal Castle the week after next!


Ethereal Hearts

Australian ASOS, WDUGT, I Love Wildfox

Peace One Day






Definitely a time to open our hearts 


 via RVCAEtsy, ATSMara Hoffman Swimwear - HonestlyWTF, The Blonde Salad

Sister, Sister


A bond between sisters is a pretty special one, so those of us who don’t have one have to find our own.

Fortunately, a soul twin appeared in my life 15 years ago, and it happens to be her 21st today.

So this post is a tribute to beautiful Pops, who everyone cannot help but love!

It includes some of our favourite inspiring and styling sisters – Tia & Tamara, Mary Kate & Ashley, Sienna & Savannah, Lizzy & Spell, Poppy & Cara, and my own Poppy & I