The Spirited Project

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The Spirited Project is a space for spirited humans who believe in living wholehearted, conscious, passionate lives.

It was created by my friend, Bec and Mumma, Robyn, in 2012 with the mission to provide a space for like minded, down to earth, courageous people to explore, express and reconnect with their unique spirit.

The project’s vision is to raise the vibration of the planet by upping the importance that we place on living from our authentic spirits.

Be part of it.

Spirited Sessions are practical, fun & wholehearted workshops, which will lift your energy and intuition. Through a powerful combination of meditation, physical work, energy healing and life coaching you will meet fellow Spirited friends, leave with a clearer vision of who you really are and what you’re here to do.

The next event, Express Yourself’ is being held on Saturday 7th June, 10.15am-12.15pm

at Mysteries of Covent Garden.

We’d LOVE to see you there. Book tickets here (and why not bring a buddy who’d enjoy it too!)

H x



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Cocounut, Lemon & Lime | Honeypie Living etc | Spell Designs | Rat & Boa

Air, Wind & Water

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Ten Love Things

1.Amazing moments captured Amazing moments captured



3. Sweet Latte Art

Sweet Latte Art

4. One place over one day

Documenting a day

4. The sound of rain

The sound of rain 

5. Free Falling

Free Falling

6. Finding balance

Finding balance

7. Stain Glass Reflections

Reflections of colour

9. Sequined

Stunning sequining

This perfect observation 

This perfect observation. 


Vagabond Babes

01_Gypset 02_Gypset 06_Gypset 08_Gypset 11_Gypset 12_Gypset2 14_Gypset 17_Gypset_b

Just ordered my copy of Gypset Travel, the Julia Chaplin book in which some these fab snaps of Lizzy, Spell, Mandy, Shayna &  Tahl feature. Photography by Sybil Steele.


Absolute Love

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Absolutely love…Fantastical Crowns, Creative Juice in a bottle, Turquoise & Fuchsia together, Chakra stones, This awesome anti-bad vibe shield, Artistic maps, Messages in the sand & Shell chandeliers


Yellow Brick Road

1.LBL to the beach 1.photo 4.47583_473966355966886_538707258_n 5.31367_10150584541850909_11071120908_8967768_841397133_n

Once again a wonderful wizard seems to have enticed my big red sparkly shoes back to Oz.

Have loved the all winding walkways, but now here to stay…


Sheer Radiance

Tree Rooms


“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tree Rooms is a holistic health practice run by my wonderful mama, Robyn, and dear friend, Anna.

A remarkable, experienced & gifted team, they offer cranialsacral therapy, complementary physiotherapy, energy healing, yoga, mediation, stress-managment courses and much more.

If you’d like to know more please check out the new website, which I have been working on.

Love, light & thanks,



I Love…


…Singing bowls, Wild flowers, Worldwide love, A genuine gypsy wedding, Al fresco bathing, Golden horizons, Homemade mandalas, European bridges, Lemon water, Reflexology & This lotus