Feeling sunny

Feeling merry

Feeling free

Feeling bubbly

Feeling peaceful

Feeling fit

Feeling loungey

Feeling springy

Feeling passionate

Feeling euphoric!


There must be something in the air at the moment…Emotions seem to be running high amongst everyone. I know a new moon is coming after yesterday’s Cancer-Capricorn polarity, but does anyone know more about other energetic shifts taking place? I’ve been swinging up & down, back & forth between positive and negative, sometimes feeling everything and nothing! Lots of people have been trained to be pretty intolerant of such over sensitivity, but my darling friend, Milly (one of the world’s best people by the way!) sent me this video a few days ago, which takes a much more compassionate stance. Please don’t let the cheesiness put you off; underneath it are some really important messages.

Mostly, embrace your vulnerability – it’s what makes us human!

Loads of good feelings to you,

Love H x 


most images from lavieboston.com


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