Mamma Mia



Admittedly I may be slightly biased, but I still think I can rightfully claim to have the world’s, no, the universe’s best mum!

It’s mother’s day over in the UK and as I’m in Oz and Ollie’s in Cambodia I hope mummy’s newly acquired computer skills will allow her to read this tribute to her awesomeness!

Rob Dob/Padwon/Dory/Sunny, as she is affectionately known, is the most supportive, hugehearted, insightful, giving, random fun, embracing person I know.

Always healing, helping, listening, motivating, cooking, entertaining, travelling, philantroping (not sure that’s a word!) Overall, a real life superwoman!

I honestly couldn’t ask for a more amazing role model. So, Thank you MaMa…for everything.

Sending big hugs over the oceans!

Here’s a gift from two of our favourite females, B & Tina T!



I want to extend my love & gratitude to Mutti, my girlfriends, teachers,

and of course not forgetting the great men that support us.



March was Women’s History Month, which gave rise to lots of fantastic articles, videos and campaigns. These are a few I really recommend:


Read…Feminism’s global challenge


There is absolutely no question that sensational progress has been made in the last century but there remains a further journey to equality. More than often commentaries on feminism’s triumphs are only focussed on the Western world. The sadder reality is that every year around 2 million female infants, teenagers and adults are ‘disappearing’ from the population due to gender discrimination.

Only this week 14 year old Hena was executed for being raped in Bangladesh.

“It appears that more girls have been killed in the last fifty years, precisely because they were girls, than men were killed in all the battles of the twentieth century.”*


Buy…*Half the Sky

(an incredible book by Nick Kristof who wrote the quote & blog above)



Watch…The Girl Effect


H x


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