Ly Thia’s Story

Dear all,

As some of you know, I’ve recently become involved with a fantastic organisation called PROJECT FUTURES who aim is to end sex trafficking worldwide.

When talking to people about the charity and the cause the general response has been real shock – listeners are either not aware of the problem or at least the enormous scale of it.

But what has been so heartwarming is the number of you who have asked how to help spread the word.

So here is generation Y’s answer…YOU TUBE!



Simply watch this short PROJECT FUTURES made video animation about Ly Thia’s inspiring story and PASS IT ON

The challenge we have set is 100,000 views in just one month. However, we need your kindness and your networks in order to do it.

A different world cannot be built by indifferent people. So please use just a couple of minutes of your time to make a difference.


Get the message out there by:

* Viewing, then forwarding to your friends, family, colleagues, everyone, anyone

* Encouraging your university and/or workplace to get ethical and post it around

* Sharing the link on your websites, blogs, facebooks, twitters, the works!

The bigger, the better!


If Justin Bieber and ‘Charlie bit my finger’ can generate millions of hits so should something much more meaningful.

As the legendary Anita Roddick said, ‘if you think you’re too small to be effective you have never been in bed with a mosquito.’ I type to you from Sydney covered in bites, so know it’s true!


If you are interested in taking this further please see and for information about the life changing work they do and what YOU can do


With huge thanks and love




Ps. One of my old post’s Justice is what love looks like in public touches more on slavery today


Photos by Richard Alma from Project Futures Global launch party at the Vault last month

1. Somaly Mam & PF’s fabulous founder, Steph Lorenzo

2. B, J, Me & S  (left to right)

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