The Wonders of the Web

Everyday I am overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of the internet. From haute couture collections to inspiring collective initiatives to satirical video clips – the universe is quite literally at our fingertips!

These are ten of the best sites I’ve stumbled upon over the last few weeks

1. Human Planet

Photographing mankind’s incredible relationship with nature


2. Dining for women

Changing the world one dinner at a time

3. Egg watchers

Never overboil your egg again with this handy gadget


4. I want to be her

Illustrations of infatuating strangers


5. Inside Out

A global art project & 2011 Ted Winner


6. What if you ran the world…?

(This is what Tony Bennet and Celine Dion would do)


7. Make love, not porn

It’s an important distinction!


8. Art Finder

Discover and share the pieces you love


9. Irin

Humanitarian news and analysis


10. The Good Gym

Being kind whilst getting fit



  1. These are great H! glad to see the goodgym featured there! The dining for women thing is amazing – does it only exist in America? I can definitely see it working in England..what do you think?xxx

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