“Justice is what love looks like in public” (Cornel West)

To continue from yesterday’s theme, I want to share with you a cause that has touched my heart recently and something I’d love to help change with YOU!

Last week I met the musician and activist Justin Dillon who talked passionately about the campaign he is leading against human trafficking. He was first introduced to the issue when reading The New York Time article, ‘The Girls Next Door’. And then witnessed the evil first hand on a trip to Russia, where a local girl he met was going over to America under the illusion of a new exciting opportunity; instead, she had unknowingly been sold to a brothel.

I strongly strongly urge you to watch Call + Response, the ‘rockumentary’ he envisioned, created and directed, which includes performances and personal interviews from Natasha Bedingfield, Ashley Judd, Imogen Heap, Five for Fighting and more.


Order and learn more online


‘Slavery’ is commonly thought to have simply disappeared since the abolition act was passed in back in the 19th century.

However, there are in fact more slaves today than in any other time in human history…27 million. This secret not a small one.

Not only is that horrifying statistic huge but so are the profits made out of it. Slave traders alone made an estimated US$32 billion last year (more than Google, Nike and Starbuck combined!)



Further links and info about how to help:

The Somaly Mam foundation – an amazingly inspirational woman who was sold as a sex slave at age 12 but later escaped and is now rescuing thousands of other females and children. Read her captivating biography, The Road of Lost Innocence

Projects Futures – It’s so refreshing to find young people (the organisation is run by generation Y) volunteering their time and massive efforts into making a difference.

I will post about various future fundraisers soon…. Please let me know if you’re especially interested so I can add your details to event lists.


Be a modern day abolitionist!

Thank you

H x


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